I have an MA in English Literature and a passion for reading just about anything, from fine literature to summer beach books. On a good day I am curled up with a book that makes me laugh or cry or think hard. On a really good day I’m reading a book that does all of the above, and makes me want to read into the wee small hours. And on the very best days, that book has an extra layer of meaning to me – a kind of literary Russian doll that is a story within the story. Those are the books that any attentive reader treasures because they invite introspection, imagination and endless conversation with like-minded readers. Those books are rare, but worth the wait. And when they show up in my reading life, you will know because my review will include a section called “The Attentive Reader Will Note” and it will be time for us to start talking, even arguing, about what it all means.
But until the next one of those comes along, The Attentive Reader (that’s me) will continue to read and recommend. I’ll post about books I especially like, and they will range from good contemporary literature to classics, biographies, political discussion, chick lit, mysteries, books about clothes, interior decoration and art, and even the occasional magazine (online and not).
Come read with me – and definitely tell me what you think about my recommendations!